Glenn's Technology Transfer Office works to recognize innovators’ scientific and engineering achievements as well as their participation in technology transfer and partnership development activities. Doing so further inspires them toward R&D excellence, which benefits NASA, promotes all the technologies we have available for licensing, and encourages other Glenn researchers to participate in technology transfer.

Our innovators have received awards from numerous external organizations, including:

Federal Laboratory Consortium awards

Space Technology Hall of Fame® awards

R & D 100 awards

Our innovators have also received NASA internal awards, such as Invention of the Year and Software of the Year, as well as regional awards, such as Team NEO/Nortech and Crain’s Cleveland.

Some recent award winners include:


NASA Invention of the Year Honorable Mentions
NASA develops and funds the development of many valuable innovations. The annual Invention of the Year (IOY) program recognizes those inventions that have significantly contributed to NASA programs, or that exemplify NASA’s mission to transfer cutting edge technology to U.S. industry. For 2017, two NASA Glenn inventions received Honorable Mentions in the Government Invention of the Year Category.

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HET Team (not pictured: Richard Hofer) Schottky Diode Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon Gas Sensor Team

2017 FLC Midwest Interagency Partnership Award

Brook Pyne (NSWC Crane), Howard Thompson (OAI), John French (OAI), Harvey Schabes (GRC), Matt Burkett (NSWC Crane), and Jenna Dix (NSWC Crane)
2017 FLC Midwest Interagency Partnership Award


2016 R&D 100 Award
"Training" Process for Shape Memory Alloys, by Dr. Santo Padula II
Dr. Santo Padula II

2016 R&D 100 Award
Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA) System Mike Piszczor and Jeremiah McNatt (NASA Glenn), Brian Spence, Steve White, Ron Takeda, Mark Douglas, Matt LaPointe and team members from Deployable Space Systems, Inc., Left to right: Paul Hausgen, Jeremy Banik and John Merrill, Not pictured is David Chapman (Air Force Research Laboratory – Space Vehicles Directorate)

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Mike Piszczor Jeremiah McNatt
AFRL Team DSS Team


2015 R&D 100 Award
Polyimide Aerogel-Based Antenna
Dr. Baochau Nguyen (Ohio Aerospace Institute), Dr. Mary Ann Meador, Dr. Félix Miranda, Nicholas C. Varaljay, and Dr. Frederick Van Keuls (Vantage Partners, LLC) - Not pictured is Dr. Carl H. Mueller (formerly from Vencore)

Read the press release about Glenn's R&D 100 awards.
2015 R&D Award -- Polyimide aerogel

2015 FLC Midwest Regional Appreciation Award
Amy Hiltabidel (ATS-JV)
Amy Hiltabidel

2015 FLC Rookie of the Year Award
Kim Dalgleish-Miller
Kim Dalgleish-Miller

2015 NASA Invention of the Year (Runner-up)
Methods for Producing High-Performance Silicon Carbide Fibers, Architectural Preforms and High Temperature Composite Structures
James DiCarlo and HeeMann Yun (GE Aviation)
James DiCarlo and HeeMann Yun

2015 NASA Software of the Year (Honorable Mention)
Toolbox for the Modeling and Analysis of Thermodynamic Systems (T-MATS)
Jeffryes W. Chapman (Vantage Partners LLC), Ten-Huei Guo, Jonathan S. Litt, and Thomas M. Lavelle - Not pictured is Ryan D. May (formerly Vantage Partners LLC)
Software of the Year honorable mention

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