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The Technology Transfer and Partnerships Office
Dr. Haiquan Guo and Dr. MaryAnn Meador

2013 winners for SDR:
(left to right) Tom Kacpura, Sandra Johnson, Joseph Downey, and Richard Reinhart

Lee Mason and Marc Gibson

2013 GRC winners for KiloPower:
(left to right) Lee Mason and Marc Gibson

Dr. Haiquan Guo and Dr. MaryAnn Meador

2012 winners for Polyimide Aerogels:
Dr. Haiquan Guo and Dr. Mary Ann Meador

Robert Walters, Michael Piszczor, Mark J. O'Neill, A. J. McDanal

2012 winners for SolarVolt module:
(upper left) Robert Walters,(upper right) Michael Piszczor, (lower left) Mark J. O'Neill, (lower right) A. J. McDanal

R&D 100 Awards

Established by the editors of R&D Magazine (link opens new browser window), the R&D 100 Awards have been helping companies provide the important initial push a new product needs to compete successfully in the marketplace. An R&D 100 Award is a mark of excellence known to industry, government, and academia as proof that the product is one of the most innovative of the year.

Recent GRC R&D 100 award winners include:

› Read press release about the 2013 awards (link opens new browser window)



› Visit R&D 100 Award Archive

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