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NASA Glenn Signs License for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Sensor and Method of Manufacturing

Dr. Chance M. Glenn, CEO of the Morningbird Media Corporation
Dr. Chance M. Glenn, CEO of the Morningbird Media Corporation

Research Assistant
Dr. Jennifer Xu, co-developer of NASA Glenn's sensor

Gary Hunter and Jennifer Xu
Dr. Jennifer Xu & Dr. Gary Hunter, developers of the sensor

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The CO2 sensor is small but powerful

The Technology Transfer Office at NASA’s Glenn Research Center of Cleveland, Ohio, has signed an evaluation license with Morningbird Media Corporation of Huntsville, Alabama. The evaluation license allows the company to investigate GRC’s design and process using their equipment to produce the sensors that complement their suite of functional electronics in the additive manufacturing space. States Dr. Chance M. Glenn, CEO of the Morningbird Media Corporation, "the acquisition of technology from NASA is huge for us. The foundation of the Electronic Alchemy system is to unleash innovative potential. The 3D printing of these sensors is a major step forward for this."

Gary Hunter and Jennifer Xu developed the CO2 sensor to be utilized by multiple industries and research opportunities. The CO2 sensor’s small, low power, easy to use, and easy to fabricate design introduces many opportunities in a myriad of applications, including fire detection, environmental and personal health monitoring, ventilation, automotive engines, and generators.

To learn more about licensing NASA technologies, please contact Amy Hiltabidel (grc-techtransfer@mail.nasa.gov).

To learn more about this technology, visit: https://technology.nasa.gov//t2media/tops/pdf/LEW-TOPS-59.pdf

For more information on Morningbird Media Corporation, visit: http://www.morningbirdmedia.com/home.html

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