Glenn Research Center Technology Transfer Office Team

Harvey Schabes, Acting Chief, Technology Transfer Office Harvey Schabes
  • Chief, Technology Transfer Office

Harvey is Chief of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) at NASA's Glenn Research Center. He manages Glenn’s intellectual property portfolio and ensures that Glenn technologies are made commercially available to benefit the national economy and the U.S. public. Harvey has almost 34 years of NASA experience. He joined the TTO in October 2015 and served as the Senior Strategy Manager where he coordinated the overall Space Act Agreement area, as well as other key Office, Directorate, and Center-wide activities. Prior to joining the TTO, Harvey held numerous senior positions across the Center and has served as a researcher, project engineer, project manager, and a manager in both technical and administrative organizations during his tenure at the Center. Highlighted positions include: Chief of Project Implementation, within the Space Flight Systems Directorate where he directed the establishment of space flight project management norms to achieve space flight project management and systems development excellence; Operations Integration Manager for the Engineering Directorate where he was responsible for providing improved integration between the technical and business functions; Deputy Director of the Center Operations Directorate in charge of the Human Resource and Workforce Planning, Procurement, Logistics and Technical Information, and the Security and Safeguards Management organizations; Systems Management Lead, in the Office of Strategic Management; and Space Shuttle Integration Manager and key integration and procurement lead for the definition and development of the Solar Dynamic Flight Demonstration Project in the U.S./Russian Program. He also served in numerous positions in support of the International Space Station Program, including several positions here at Glenn as well as three separate tours of duty at NASA Headquarters. Harvey joined NASA in 1983 as a research engineer developing new computer models for predicting the performance of new de-icing systems and performed extensive testing in the Icing Research Tunnel. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toledo. He has received numerous awards for his accomplishments and leadership including the NASA Exceptional Service Medal, and NASA Group Achievement Honor Award for both NASA’s Business Systems Gap Analysis Team and the Competency Management Team.

Intellectual Property Portfolio Management
Karen Bartos, Technology Commercialization Specialist Karen Bartos
  • IP Portfolio Manager

Karen is the NASA Glenn Intellectual Property Portfolio Manager for the Glenn TTO. In her role, Karen oversees the strategic review and processing of technologies by the Glenn TTO, from invention disclosure through to commercialization, including the management of the Commercialization And Review of Technology (CART) triage process. In addition, she is the Technology Manager for the Aeronautics, Mechanical & Fluid Systems, and Propulsion sectors. Karen spent 25 years in Glenn's Engineering Directorate before joining the Glenn TTO. She holds both a BA and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Cleveland State University.

Amy B. Hiltabidel, Technology Transfer Specialist Amy B. Hiltabidel
  • Licensing Manager

Amy is the Licensing Manager for the Glenn TTO. In her role she serves as the primary point of contact for all Glenn licenses, managing the agreements through negotiations, execution, and maintenance. As a seasoned licensing professional, she brings great breadth and depth to the Glenn TTO licensing team. She has over a decade of experience assisting government and industrial technology transfer with companies of all sizes in a variety of industries. This involves an intimate understanding of both parties’ needs and cultivating strong partnerships. Amy’s areas of expertise include technology and intellectual property assessment, technical writing, business analysis, and database management. She holds a BS in polymer engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Priscilla Diem, Senior Technology Specialist Priscilla Diem
  • Technology Manager
  • Alcyon Technical Services (ATS) (JV), LLC

Priscilla is a Technology Manager for the Glenn TTO, employed by ATS-JV LLC. She has 25 years of experience in business development, technical marketing, technology assessment, and licensing for both government and industrial clients. As former Director of Business Development and Engineering for an aerospace startup, she raised $1 million in low-cost loans to develop new products and managed the engineering team to design and deliver them. Prior to that she directed NASA’s Midwest Regional Technology Transfer Center, managed by Battelle, where she developed innovative approaches to NASA technology commercialization. Priscilla is a professional engineer, registered in the State of Ohio. She earned her mechanical engineering degree from Cleveland State University and a BA from Ohio Wesleyan University.

Jason Hanna, Software Release Specialist Jason Hanna
  • Software Release Manager

Jason serves as the Software Release Manager for NASA Glenn Research Center. He has been a leader in implementing NASA’s agency-wide Software Catalog that provides easy access for the public to NASA’s valuable software assets. Jason’s areas of expertise include analysis, design, security, and implementation of information technology. He holds a BS in Business and Information Systems from Cleveland State University.

Jeanne King, Technology Manager Jeanne King
  • Technology Manager
  • Alcyon Technical Services (ATS) (JV), LLC

Jeanne is a Technology Manager for the Glenn TTO, employed by ATS-JV LLC. With her highly technical background, she is able to understand potential uses for NASA technology, and guide prospective licensees down the path to commercialization. As a former member of the Space Experiments Avionics Team, she was instrumental in the electrical development, test and integration of Combustion Module aboard Space Shuttle Columbia, STS-83 and STS-94. She also spent several years in the manufacturing arena specializing in electrical systems and CE Compliance and Certification. She completed her Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Dayton.

Stephen Robison, Technology Commercialization Specialist Stephen Robison
  • Technology Commercialization Specialist

Stephen joined the TTO in May 2016. He is currently serving as a Technology Commercialization Specialist. In this role, Stephen supports the promotion, marketing, analysis, and reporting efforts needed for Glenn’s patent licensing activities. He has four years of experience in an administrative role from ROTC at John Carroll University, where he earned a BA in Political Science, and served in active duty as a First Lieutenant in the US Army at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Technology Reporting & Promotion
Irene Cierchacki, Program Specialist Irene Cierchacki
  • New Technology Representative and Awards Liaison

Irene joined the Glenn TTO in June 2014 and serves as the New Technology Representative and Awards Liaison. Irene coordinates the in-reach activities at NASA Glenn to engage innovators to file their invention disclosures and then work cooperatively with the Glenn TTO when commercialization is appropriate. She brings a long and rich government service history to the Glenn TTO. Irene has been with the government since 1983, working for the Defense Finance and Accounting Services and the National Science Foundation. She has a strong background in procurement and has supported major programs such as Orion, Ares, Crew Launch Vehicle (CLV) LOX/Methane, and the Engineering and the Information Technology Directorate. Irene is Level III certified in Contracting from the Defense Acquisition University and is pursuing Project Management certification from George Washington University.

Space Act Agreements & Center Functions
Brunilda DeJesus, Agreements Manager Brunilda (Brunie) DeJesus
  • Agreements Manager

Brunie serves as an Agreements Manager for NASA Glenn. In this position, she is responsible for managing, planning, and negotiating activities required to implement Space Act Agreements, Interagency Agreements and Agency Abstracts. Prior to this position, Brunie served as the Center’s Executive Protocol Officer, where she planned, organized, integrated and evaluated Center-level events for internal and high-ranking external stakeholders, working directly with the Center Director to clarify and implement the requirements of every event - including possible Agency or Glenn policy decisions. The skills in leading people, forming internal and external collaborations, and the keen business insight that she refined in that role now provide the breadth of knowledge needed to smoothly and accurately implement key Center agreements. She also brings to the agreements process a background in both budgeting and procurement, serving a Budget Analyst and Contract Specialist at NASA. Brunie earned her BA in Organizational Leadership from Baldwin-Wallace University.

Robert A. Kistemaker, Space Act Agreement Manager Robert A. Kistemaker
  • Space Act Agreement Manager

Bob is an Agreements Manager for NASA Glenn. In this role he is responsible for drafting and negotiating Space Act Agreements and Interagency Agreements on behalf of NASA Glenn. Bob holds a BA and JD from Cleveland State University, and a MPA from the University of Colorado. Bob is also a graduate of the US Dept. of Agriculture’s Executive Leadership Program for Mid-Career Employees.